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Blood is made up of three main components.
Each one has a very specific and important job.


Platelets help control bleeding. They have a shelf life of only 5 days. Platelets help cancer patients, transplant recipients and those with severe injuries.

red blood cell symbol
blood platelet symbol
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Red cells contain hemoglobin, a protein that gives blood its red color. Red cells carry oxygen throughout the body and are most often used for surgery or trauma patients.


Plasma is the liquid portion of blood and is used to treat patients with severe burns and clotting disorders.

Your blood saves lives.


When Avari was just a few weeks old, a persistent cough and fever prompted her parents Anya and Todd to take her to their family doctor. After several blood tests and consultation with a specialist, the couple learned their precious baby was born with Diamond Blackfan Anemia (DBA), a rare blood disorder that prevents the body from producing red cells. 

Avari’s doctors put her on a course of blood transfusion therapy, which she still receives today. She will depend on them for the rest of her life. “Avari lives on borrowed blood,” Anya says. “I am so thankful for blood donors. If people didn’t give regularly, my daughter might not be here today.”


When Rob joined the police force, he fulfilled a lifelong dream. While on patrol one day, he and his partner tried to pull over a carjacking suspect. The suspect fled with officers in pursuit. The suspect fired at Rob, who was hit by four bullets.

At the hospital, doctors removed Rob’s spleen and parts of his colon and small intestine. He received a total of 148 blood transfusions—93 red cell, 43 plasma and 12 platelet.

“I applaud people who give blood regularly,” Rob says. “Their donations were available when I was severely injured and needed it most.”


As a high schooler, Mario looked forward to playing football. But an unusual, intense pain led to an exam that turned into a life-changing diagnosis: Mario had leukemia. 

Initially, Mario spent about 10 days in the hospital for chemotherapy and radiation treatments. During that time he received numerous red cell and platelet transfusions. 

“The platelet transfusions came two bags at a time,” Dora recalled. “I wondered about the people who gave them and I prayed for them because they were giving my child the gift of life.”

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